Tangelo Viola

Tangelo Viola frogs

Viola is a pattern or secondary color for frogs. It is a light purple more blueish than the base color Violet.

Viola frogs are required for the following awards:

  1. Polka Party: 1 of 4 frogs must be a White Viola Puncti
  2. Purple Pride: all 3 frogs must be Purple Viola: 1 each in the Puncti, Clunicula, and Bovis patterns

Weekly Sets

Complementary Hues: Yellow Viola Biplex

Sweethearts: Pink Viola Obaro x2

Superheroes: Green Viola Clunicula

Hot Rods: Tangelo Viola Persona

Picking Grapes: Purple Viola Vinaceus x2

Clowning Around: Aqua Viola Ludo

Insero Rainbow: Red Viola Insero

Color Wheel: Black Viola Floresco

Easter Time: Purple Viola Insero, Marine Viola Insero

Fade To Night: Tangelo Viola Insero

Teen Ninja Frogs: Olive Viola Ligo

Hawaiian Sunset: Tangelo Viola Insero x7