Golden Tingo

Golden Tingo

Tingo is a dark red pattern or secondary color for frogs. It is darker than the Red or Maroon base colors. Tingo in Latin means "dye."

Tingo frogs are required for several awards:

  1. I Choose You: all 8 frogs must be Yellow Tingo Anura
  2. Code Red: all 3 frogs must be Red Tingo: one each in the Crustalli, Marmorea, and Zebrae patterns
  3. Black Widows: all 8 frogs must be Black Tingo Viduo

Weekly Sets

Bullseye: White Tingo Corona x4

Full Deck: White Tingo Adamantis, White Tingo Roboris

Teen Ninja Frogs: Olive Tingo Ligo

Earth, Fire, Water, Air: Orange Tingo Ornatus