• Froggydex for Pocket Frogs
  • Pocket Frogs Guide
Third Party Apps concerning Pocket Frogs, or apps not written by Nimblebit regarding Pocket Frogs.

The 22nd of October 2010, Halton Stewart, "Squishymonkey," published "Froggydex for Pocket Frogs," a free app visually listing all frog breeds and colors. It contains thumbnail images of all breeds and color combinations as well as each frog's value. Very complete, this app is a good companion.

The 28th of October 2010, John Adey published "Pocket Frogs Guide," a 0.99cts app. It is a simple guide with all the basic information to play the game.

On March 21, 2011 OMGmode Software Inc. published "iCheats - Pocket Frogs Edition." The app costs $0.99. Check the ratings before purchasing this app.

On February 23, 2011 Jiao Dong published "Pocket Frogs ULTD Cheats." The app costs $1.99. Make sure to check the ratings before purchasing this app.