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Scenery are items which can be added to a frog's habitat to increase their happiness.

Each habitat can have up to 8 scenery items. Scenery can be shifted to other habitats, sold, or gifted by holding the item on screen until a menu pops up on the lower end of the screen. Scenery can be moved around within the habitat by dragging it. The items also rotate while they are moved. If scenery items overlap, the newest items will be on top. Frogs either sit on scenery items or hide under scenery items, depending on the item.

Frog happiness is a combination of scenery points and number of frogs in a habitat. If a habitat features 8 frogs, 186 points of happiness from scenery are required for the frogs to reach 100% happiness. The most economical way to achieve this goal is to buy seven items of level 6 and one level 5 item since cost grows more quickly than the happiness value of scenery. If a habitat has only a single frog, 256 points are needed for 100% happiness.

Two scenery items from each level are available in the Supply Shop for purchasing every day, and the items change daily. Until level 9, the purchase cost = level4+100, then it's 9,999. Purchased items appear in the mailbox with a delivery time that increases with level. The VIP Package reduces mailbox delivery time by 50%.


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Scenery Items
Item Level Cost Sells For Delivery Time Happiness Image Scenery Name
1 100 25 0:0:30:00 +4 Scenery3.png Fan Leaf
Scenery0.png Small Maple Leaf
Scenery13.png Snow Flower
2 116 28 0:0:36:00 +8 Scenery18.png Purple Flower
Scenery11.png Spear Leaf
Scenery17.png Thistle Flower
Scenery6.png Three Petal Flower
Pf scenery twig cutout.png Twig
Scenery16.png White Daisy
3 180 45 0:1:03:00 +12 Scenery44.png Clover
Scenery47.png Dead Leaf
Scenery27.png Digitate Leaf
Scenery2.png Fall Leaf
Scenery5.png Heart Leaf
Pf scenery ladybug.png Ladybug
Scenery9.png Mushrooms
Scenery19.png Red Flower
Scenery4.png Serrated Leaf
Pf scenery wet leaf.png Wet Leaf
Scenery22.png Yellow Flower
4 356 89 0:2:14:00 +16 Scenery21.png Island Flower
Scenery14.png Magenta Flower
Scenery29.png Obtuse Leaf
5 724 181 0:4:46:00 +20 Scenery62.png Aeonium Succulent
Pf scenery bottle cap.png Bottle Cap
Scenery26.png Cosmos Flower
Scenery28.png Cuban Coin
Scenery51.png Fiji Sixpence
Scenery49.png Glacial Stone
Scenery25.png Goldenrod Flower
Pf scenery green button cutout.png Green Button
Scenery71.png Mint Leaf
Scenery20.png Pink Flower
Scenery40.png Pink Polished Stone
Scenery33.png Red Lobed Leaf
Scenery15.png Red Velvet Leaf
Pf scenery small snail shell.png Small Snail Shell
Scenery61.png Small Succulent
Scenery10.png Toadstool
Pf scenery white button cutout.png White Button
Pf scenery brown button cutout.png Wooden Button
6 1396 349 0:9:20:00 +24 Scenery41.png Amber Stone
Pf scenery dark pebble.png Dark Pebble
Scenery12.png Fire Flower
Scenery1.png Large Maple Leaf
Scenery48.png Pinnate Plant
Scenery39.png Purple Polished Stone
Scenery31.png River Rock
7 2500 625 0:16:53:00 +28 Scenery38.png Gray Polished Stone
Pf scenery green butterfly cutout.png Green Butterfly
Scenery42.png Green Polished Stone
Pf scenery key cutout.png Key
Scenery57.png Monstera
Pf scenery orange butterfly.png Orange Butterfly
Scenery24.png Red Rose
Scallop Shell.png Scallop Shell
Sea Snail Shell.png Sea Snail Shell
Scenery55.png Sunflower
Scenery68.png Yellow Daisy
Scenery37.png Yellow Gem
Zebra butterfly cutout.png Zebra Butterfly
8 4196 1049 1:04:00:00 +32 Pf scenery ammonite.png Ammonite
Scenery32.png Arrowhead
Scenery58.png Bowtie Fern
Scenery52.png Giant Lily
Scenery35.png Green Long Leaf
Pf scenery lime cutout.png Lime Slice
Scenery7.png Log Fern
Scenery59.png Maranta
Scenery43.png Mayan Relic
Scenery50.png Megalodon Tooth
Scenery53.png Old Pocket Watch
Scenery56.png Passion Flower
Scenery60.png Prince Palm
Scenery23.png Purple Star Flower
Scenery30.png Shell Fossil
Scenery36.png Striped Long Leaf
Pf scenery white feather.png White Feather
9 9999 2499 1:21:00:00 +36 Scenery74.png Bronze Star
Scenery79.png Celtic Talisman
Scenery80.png China Aster
Scenery77.png Chrysanthemum
Pf scenery compass.png Compass
Pf scenery dahlia.png Dahlia
Scenery63.png Frog Idol
Scenery72.png Giant Dew Leaf
Scenery8.png Giant Gold Coin
Scenery70.png Giant Pink Flower
Scenery67.png Giant Violet Flower
Scenery75.png Gold Bow
Pf scenery heart ornament.png Heart Ornament
Scenery64.png Jewel Flower
Scenery54.png Jurassic Croton
Pf scenery orange cutout.png Orange Slice
Scenery69.png Poinsetta
Scenery73.png Purple Lily
Pf scenery rainbow disc.png Rainbow Disc
Scenery76.png Red Bow
Pf scenery sand dollar.png Sand Dollar
Scenery65.png Scarab Artifact
Pf scenery silver pendant.png Silver Pendant
Scenery34.png Spanish Silver
Scenery66.png Tile Ornament
Scenery78.png Wooden Frame
Pf scenery starfish cutout.png Yellow Starfish

Scenery in Habitat Examples

Habitat examples help to show scale.

Scenery in Habitats
Scenery 1.png
Scenery 2.png
Scenery 3a.png
Scenery 3b.png
Scenery 4.png
Scenery 5a.png
Scenery 5b.png
Scenery 6.png
Scenery 7.png
Scenery 8a.png
Scenery 8C.png
Habitat 9C.png
Scenery 9A.png
Scenery 9B.png
Scenery C.png
Silver Pendant.png
White Button.png
Small Snail Shell.png
Scenery B.png
Scenery MintLeaf.png
Scenery A2.jpg
Scenery YellowDaisy.png
Pf scenery twig habitat.png


Before version 3.4.0 each habitat was limited to a maximum of 7 scenery items.