Note: As of update 3.0+ (currently 3.0.5), frogs requests are unavailable; it isn't known whether the developers have plans to re-implement this feature. See here for more information.


Coins, stamps and potions can be earned by filling in-game requests. A notification will be sent when a request is available. To view, decline, or send a frog, go to "Requests" on the menu page.

When a request is sent, the frog will be removed from its habitat and the reward will be added to your account.

The reward (coins, stamps or potions) for Frog Requests was increased in Version 1.0.4.

There is a limited number of requests which give a specific reward type, the actual value of which is tied to the level and value of the frog being requested.

Request Examples

Frog Request Types
Request Text Reward Type
2nd grade teacher Mrs. Marsh needs a mature ____ for the kids to keep as a class pet. Stamps
8 year-old Jimmy Parker of Spring City, Utah would very much like a a mature ____ to be his very best pal. Potions
8 year old Tommy Lunsford needs a mature ____ to become the coolest kid in his neighborhood. Coins
An ad in the paper requests: "Very good looking single frog looking for a mature ____, no strings attached." Coins
A businesswoman in Beijing, China needs a mature ____ to bring her luck in her business dealings. Potions
Peoples on the Dominican Zoo Need a Mature Lanterna Frog Coins
A cable TV show called "Fact Checkers" are doing an episode on frog myths. The producer needs a mature ____ for one of the segments. Coins
Aliens from the Tadpole Galaxy have landed and have threatened to destroy the planet if you do not produce the mature ____. Coins
An anonymous individual is looking to acquire a mature ____. They have a reputation for dealing in the lucrative exotic pet black market. Potions
Army exterminatores looking for a healthy mature ____ to serve their country in the never-ending battle against small pest insects. Potions
Astronauts are going to study the effects of weightlessness on animal developmenth. They need a mature ____ to send into space! Stamps
The Biology department at the local university requires a mature ____ specimen for a study on the effects of polution on frog populations. Potions
Chelsea Heyneman's therapist needs a mature ____ to help her overcome ranidaphobia. Coins
Congress is holding a commission on the addictiveness of pet frog ownership, and needs a mature ____ to testify. Potions
Conservationists in Central America are reintroducing enangered mature ___ frogs back into their native habitat. Will you help? Coins
Conservationists need more mature ____ that exist around only a single waterfall in the Udzungwa Mountains of southern Tanzania. Potions
The crew of the USS Nimitz in San Diego, Calafornia want a mature ____ to be the ship's mascot. Coins
The editors of Frogs Monthly magazine are looking for a starry eyed mature ____ for the cover of next month's issue. Coins
An expert herpetologist is in the process of writing a new book on the habits of frogs. She needs a mature ____ to complete the last chapter. Coins
A fair in Calaveras County, Calafornia is looking for a mature ____ contestant for their annual frog jump competition. Coins
Famous adventurer Mandip Rikmit is looking for a brave mature ____ to become the first frog to sail around the world. Potions
Fancy Frog, a frog food supplier needs a mature ____ to taste test their new line of spicy chili flavored flies. Coins
Four year old Mei Shu Fang in Shenzhen, China dearly wants a mature ____ to star at her frog themed birthday party. Stamps
Frogland, an amphibian themed amusement park in Orangetree, Florida needs a mature ____ to entertain their patrons. Stamps
A game developer is in need of a mature ____ to model for an upcoming frog-centric game of theirs. Stamps
Gunung Mulu National Park employees in Borneo are looking for a mature ____ to release into the lush jungle forests. Coins
Heavy metal band Demonic Bullfrog needs a mature ____ to grace the cover of their debut album "Eternal Frogspawn". Coins
Investors in Las Vegas, Nevada need a mature ____ to compete in the newly sanctioned sport of frog racing. Coins
A local princess is looking for potential suitors. She requests the company of a mature ____. Potions
Mad scientist Johann Konrad Dippel needs a mature ____ to complete the most ambitious experiment of his career. Potions
A mature ____ is needed to be on display at a high profile benefit dinner to raise money for amphibian conservation. Stamps
A mature ____ is needed to star in the Broadway revival of the 1972 B movie "Frogs". Potions
The Minnitaki Ice Frogs, a small town hockey team in Canada need more mature ____ frogs for their "Free Frog Night" promotion. Stamps
A mysterious voice is heard from on high. It commands thee to procure a mature ____. Dare you disobey? Potions
The Natural History Museum is looking for a mature ____ to be the star exhibit of its new frog exhibit. Coins
A Nigerian prince requires a mature ____ in order secure transfer of his royal funds. You will be rewarded handsomely upon receipt of goods. Potions
Notable frog collector Clarence Wilkinson III, Esq. is in search of a mature ____ to be the final piece in his collection. Stamps
The P.E.T.F. organization has demanded the release of any mature ____ trapped inside electronic devices. Stamps
Pratt High School, home of the "Fighting Frogs" in Pratt Kansas needs a mature ____ to be their wide receiver. Stamps
Radio station KWRB in Manitou Springs, Colarado needs a mature ____ for their 13th annual frog kissing contest. Coins
Renowned director Kevin Peelberg needs to cast a mature ____ for his upcoming moving "Forrest Jump". Potions
Residents of Thiruvananthapuram, India need a mature ____ to worship as a god after their previous god escaped. Potions
Scientists at CERN in Geneva need a mature ____ to study the effects of frogs in a particle accelerator. Potions
Scientists think that the skin secretions of a mature ____ might possibly be used to create a powerful medicine. They require a specimen for study. Stamps
Self-titled amateur super hero "The Leaper" needs a mature ____ to gain super powers from in a freak accident. Coins
Some photographers are doing a photo shoot for an exotic frog calendar. They need a mature ____ to begin shooting. Potions
There has been a devastating oil spill in the nearby gulf. The recovery team needs a mature ____ to help repopulate the decimated species in the area. Coins
"The Magnificent Steve", a Magician in Plano, Texas requires the assistance of a mature ____ for a new illusion he is perfecting. Potions
Witch Glynda Moonwax needs a mature ____ to help complete a very powerful spell. Stamps
The zoo needs a mature ____ to complete their new frog exhibit. The new exhibit will be the largest of its kind in the world when it opens. Coins
City organizers in Rayne, Louisiana need a mature ____ to be part of their annual Frog Festival. Potions
A wireless start up company is in need of a mature ____ to help them sell millions of phone ring tones. Stamps
Celebrity actor Reanu Keeves is doing research on a movie role playing a frog. He requires a mature ____ for character research. Stamps
An audio engineer needs a mature ____ to record backup vocals for a new R&B album titled "Swamp Soul". Potions
GloboPet Corp. can't stock enough frogs due to the recent frog pet craze. They are looking for a mature ____ to replenish their supply. Stamps

A major American bear company needs a mature ____ to be the 3rd frog in a super bowl commercial they are shooting.

Aborigines in the Australian outback need a mature ____ to help them bring rain. Stamps

Example Requests

Black Floris Marmorea Request
Orange Albeo Zebrae Request
Pink Callaina Africanus Request
Beige Floris Ocularis Request
Royal Cafea Stellata Request
Azure Picea Sagitta Request
Olive Pruni Anura Request
Azure Tingo Velatus Request
Orange Carota Velatus Request
Request Olive Cafea Stellata 10 potions
Pf requests 02-20-11
Pf requests 01-29-11
Pf requests 02-16-11
Pf Request Lime Cafea Amfractus
IMG 0002

More Requests

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