Level 13

Rarity level 13 patterns are unlocked for level 13 players

The rarity of a frog is determined by its pattern. A player's experience level unlocks frogs at that rarity level, allowing them to be discovered wild in the Pond, received as gameplay presents (for example, in Racing), or purchased in the FrogMart.

A player cannot breed frogs beyond the player's own experience level, nor can they purchase them from the FrogMart. However, frogs of any rarity may be received as gifts from other players. They can also be catalogued freely and purchased from the Catalog or Froggydex at any time.

The number of flies needed to tame a frog is 3 times its level of rarity. For example, a frog with a rarity of 7 will require 21 flies to be tamed, while a frog with a rarity of 8 will require 24 flies to be tamed.

The color of a frog has no correlation with its rarity.

Pattern Rarity Level

1-4 Common
5-8 Rare
9-12 Endangered
13-33 Legendary