Dextera offer

This is an example of a promotional frog offer

Promotional Frogs are frogs that could be obtained via an in-game promotional message, a feature that has since been discontinued. Promotional frogs cannot be found in the Pond or obtained through Daily Gifts. However, they can occasionally be seen in the Frog Mart, where users can purchase them for 25 potions each.  

There are 16 promotional frog breeds (level/rarity in parentheses): Tribus (3), Lanterna (3), Glacio (3), Ludo (4), Marinus (5), Dextera (6), Geminus (7),  Bulla (8), Orbis (9), Obaro (10), Persona (11), Vinaceus (12), Gyrus (13), Trivium (14), Bulbus (15), and the Signum (16).