Golden Picea

Golden Picea frogs

Picea is a frog pattern or secondary color. Picea is the Latin name for pitch pine trees, which may be a reference to "black as pitch." The Black base color is very similar, but Picea will show slightly darker.

Picea frogs are required for a number of awards:

  1. CMYK: all 4 frogs must be Picea Anura: one each with a base color of Azure, Violet, Yellow, and Black
  2. Ninja Dojo: all 3 frogs must be Black Picea: one each in the Serpentis, Partiri, and Zebrae patterns
  3. Ladybugs: all 8 frogs must be Red Picea Puncti
  4. Safari: 4 of 8 frogs must be White Picea Zebrae
  5. Black and White: all 3 frogs must be White Picea: one each in the Puncti, Roboris, and Spinae patterns
  6. 2 bee or not 2 bee: both frogs must be Golden Picea Partiri
  7. Jailbirds: one option is to have all 8 frogs be White Picea Partiri
  8. Cattle Drive: 4 of 8 frogs must be White Picea Bovis
  9. Yin Yang: 1 of 2 frogs must be a White Picea Spinae
  10. Endangered 2: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Marine Picea Ornatus

White Picea frogs are very popular in awards. A White Picea Spinae can be used for two different awards (the Black and White and the Yin Yang).

Weekly Sets

Trick or Treat: Green Picea Vinaceus x2

Bowl O Rama: Black Picea Anura

Play Ball: Tangelo Picea Lucus

Kiwi Slices: Green Picea Floresco x2, Green Picea Glacio x2, Green Picea Viduo x2, Green Picea Stellata x2

Yellow Jackets: Golden Picea Geminus x2, Golden Picea Partiri x2, Golden Picea Tribus x2

Tribal Council: Beige Picea Tribus

Superheroes: Golden Picea Tribus

Pandamonium: White Picea Clunicula x3

Binary Data: White Picea Orbis, White Picea Sagitta

Melon and Seeds: Red Picea Bulla x4

Blacknosed: Azure Picea Nasus, Green Picea Nasus, Violet Picea Nasus, Yellow Picea Nasus, Pink Picea Nasus, Marine Picea Nasus

Duality: White Picea Biplex x4

Sumo Frogs: Beige Picea Lucus

Blueberries: Blue Picea Stellata x4, Blue Picea Viduo x4

Inkblots: White Picea Nasus, White Picea Calvaria, White Picea Crustalli, White Picea Magus, White Picea Arbor

Fade to Night: Royal Picea Insero

Full Deck: White Picea Floresco, White Picea Roboris