The Missing Frog is a rarity 0 (common) frog with a silhouette

Missing Frog


Missing Frog
Missing frog


0 (common)


No information

Growth Time

No information

Delivery Time

No information

Flies To Tame

No information

XP for taming

No information

It may occur when someone who has updated to a newer version of Pocket Frogs than you have sends you a gifted frog that is introduced in the upgrade, such as the Marinus or Dextera Frogs with the 1.1.1 Update, or any of the 47 new frogs in the 2.0 Update. If you try to place the missing frog, a message comes up telling you that the frog was only available in a previous version of Pocket Frogs, and it asks you to update to the newest version.

This frog may also be seen in your Mailbox as a result of the Mailbox "cheat." However, if you delete all of the other frogs in your mailbox, by the time the missing frog is at the top of the Mailbox, it will change to a regular frog.

Occasionally the Missing Frog is shown to actually have a rarity level, which usually depends on the other frogs in your mailbox. For example, if you have done the Mailbox cheat and you have mostly Green Callaina Partiri, the Missing Frog may show as Rarity 5.