Pocket Frogs Wiki

Frog egg

Hatched but immature frog

Maturity represents the age of the frog. The age to maturity varies based on the rarity of the frog. Frogs that have a higher rarity take longer to mature. Frogs need to be mature (and tamed) to be bred, gifted or used in races. The maturity bar is comprised of two sections, the egg stage (to the left of the line) and the frog stage (to the right of the line). During the egg stage, a frog is titled as "unidentified egg." The egg grows in size as it gets older. While eggs can be sold, they do not sell for much. After the egg hatches (after about 20% of the total growth time), a smaller, immature frogs take its place. These frogs are named with their breed. These frogs can be tamed. The maturity time can be decreased by taking the frog to the pond and eating flies. Potions can be used as well, at a cost of one potion for about 4 hours of growth. Immature frogs do not sell for max value, but sell for more than eggs.

Eggs cannot be moved from the nursery to other habitats, unless the VIP package is purchased from the pro shop, or a player bought the babyproofing kit (which was replaced by the VIP package). Immature, hatched frogs can be moved into different habitats.