Pocket Frogs Wiki

Happiness is one of two factors which determine a frog's value in coins. 20% of the frog's value comes from its happiness level, the remaining 80% from the frog's maturity.

Happiness can be changed by taking a frog to the pond to eat flies, by letting it sit in a habitat with a combination of other frogs and enough scenery, or by playing the puzzle game with that frog. Happiness value does not affect the outcome of eggs in breeding. Happiness does improve a frog's performance in frog races.

Percent of Happiness in a Habitat

The happiness of a frog will begin at 50% when hatched or placed in a habitat from the mailbox, and will then change slowly to match the happiness percentage of its habitat. The time required is around a minute and a half per happiness percentage.

Optimal +Happiness Scenery

The following chart shows the minimum number of happiness points from scenery needed to achieve 100% happiness in a habitat with the number of frogs indicated:

Number of frogs Scenery Points
8 186
7 196
6 206
5 216
4 226
3 236
2 246
1 256

Happiness Equations

The happiness percentage of a habitat is determined by the number of frogs in the habitat and the happiness points given by scenery items in the habitat. To compute this, follow these steps:

  1. (# of Frogs - 1) * 10 = frog#Points
  2. Total amount of +happiness scenery items = sceneryPoints
  3. frog#Points + sceneryPoints = totalPoints
  4. totalPoints / 256 = Happiness % of Habitat

or this equation: