Happiness is one of two factors which determine a frog's max value (20% happiness, 80% maturity); in some instances a frog at 100% happiness that is overfed flies can be worth an extra coin over its maximum value. Happiness also affects a frog's willingness to race in the frog races. Happiness value does not affect the outcome of eggs in breeding.

Happiness can be changed by taking a frog to The Pond to eat flies, by letting it sit in a habitat with other frogs and scenery, or by playing the Puzzle mini-game with that frog.

Percent of Happiness in a Habitat

The happiness of a frog will begin at 50% when hatched, but will then change slowly to match the happiness percentage of its habitat.

The happiness percentage of a habitat is determined by the number of frogs in the habitat and the happiness point given by scenery items that are placed in the habitat. To compute this, follow these steps:

  1. (# of Frogs - 1) * 10 = frog#Points
  2. Total amount of +happiness scenery items = sceneryPoints
  3. frog#Points + sceneryPoints = totalPoints
  4. totalPoints / 256 = Happiness % of Habitat

or this equation:

$ H = \frac{10\times(N_{frogs}-1)+P_{scenery}}{256} $

Optimal +Happiness Scenery

The following is a chart of the minimum amount of happiness points from scenery needed to achieve 100% Happiness in a Habitat with the number of frogs indicated:

Number of frogs Scenery Points
8 186
7 196
6 206
5 216
4 226
3 236
2 246
1 256
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