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  • Pond Glitch
  • Pond Glitch
  • Frog Stacking

No game is perfect, and it is clear that Pocket Frogs still has some glitches. These glitches may be used to a player's advantage, or purely for curiosity.

Pond Glitch

One example is stacking frogs in the Pond. If your frog jumps on a lily pad with another frog, the other should jump away, or give you the option to breed. However, if the pond frog is also on a pad with a present, and it does not jump away then the present has priority, and the frog breeding event will not occur. You can jump off and chase the frog again if you still wish to breed. This was unintentional, but not critical. Another glitch is when taming the frog. When the frog is on its last fly and jumps to another pad with a frog on it, taking the last fly to tame it, the frog breeding event will also not occur.

Another glitch involving frogs in the Pond involves the frog inexplicably "flying" across the pond with no way of stopping unless if you choose to leave the pond.

The Cloning Glitch

Another glitch allows you to clone frogs. This occurs when the game crashes for any number of reasons. If a frog in the mail was placed in a habitat recently when the game crashes, the frog remains in the habitat, and is reset in the mailbox. This can be exploited, if you have a reliable way to crash the game.