Pf frogmart20110325
The FrogMart is where players can buy frogs from levels 1 to 8 at 75% of the frog's max value. There is one frog slot available per frog level and you can buy the same frog as many times as you like. Purchased frogs are shipped to your Mailbox and are subject to delivery time as indicated.

Nine frogs are available for purchase each day (one promotional frog and one regular frog of each of the first eight levels). However, each slot only unlocks once you have reached that frog's required level (you cannot buy a level 7 frog until you have reached level 7). The frogs available in the FrogMart change daily.

The frogs that go for sale daily in the FrogMart do not appear to be chosen of all breeds randomly; but rather, they appear to be randomly selected from a list of pre-designated breeds.

With the Version 1.1.1 update, promotional frogs can now be purchased in the FrogMart for 25 potions. Each day one different promotional frog will be available for purchase.