Orange Folium

Orange Folium frogs

Folium is a pale green pattern or secondary color for frogs. Folium is the Latin word for "leaf."

Folium frogs are required for the following awards:

  1. Grapevine: all 8 frogs must be Purple Folium Clunicula
  2. Tree Hug: all 3 frogs must be Cocos Folium: 1 each in the Anura, Nasus, and Clunicula patterns
  3. Earth Day: all 8 frogs must be Azure Folium Bovis
  4. Citrus Mixtus: 1 of 3 frogs must be Lime Folium Mixtus
  5. Snake Den: all 8 frogs must be Olive Folium Serpentis
  6. Dizzypads: all 8 frogs must be Blue Folium Spinae
  7. Band Together: 1 of 4 frogs must be a Black Folium Cesti
  8. Endangered 4: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Cocos Folium Arbor
  9. Legendary 3: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Olive Folium Floresco

Weekly Sets

Planet Earth: Blue Folium Dextera x2, Blue Folium Magus x2, Blue Folium Obaro x2, Blue Folium Biplex x2