Consumables are items that speed up gameplay. They either affect delivery times as Stamps or growth times as Potions. Depending on the time left, multiple items may be needed to instantly complete the waiting time. Consumables can be found in presents, earned as you level up, given as a reward for completing game Requests and Weekly Sets, earned from watching promotional advertisements, or bought as an In App Purchase from the Pro Shop.



One Stamp shortens the delivery time by up to four hours for any item that is delivered to the Mailbox .

You can also use one stamp to gift a frog or Scenery.


One Potion shortens the growth time of a baby frog or egg by up to four hours.

Shortening the growth times to maturity for baby frogs can also be achieved by feeding the frog dragonflies. Potions may be used in the FrogMart to purchase Limited Edition Frogs.

Potions can also change the mood of the frog to 100%. They may be used in this way during a race.