This is the screen you will get if you win coins from the daily gift or if you find a pond present.


This is the symbol Pocket Frogs uses for coins.

Coins are the only currency in Pocket Frogs and are earned by:
  • Winning races (the higher level frog you race with, the more money you get).
  • Getting pond presents (the higher level you are, the more money you get). Declining a present will give you coins determined as 1/4th of the item's value, rounded down.
  • Selling scenery (again, the higher the level of rarity the more valuable).
  • Selling frogs (the less mature the less money they are worth, but the rarity will still determine the max. value).
  • Getting a Daily Gift.
  • Solving puzzles (the rarity of the frog doesn't matter).

Once earned, one can use them to:

  • Enter races (the higher rarity the higher cost).
  • Breed/buy frogs (again, the same thing with the rarity).

However, coins can not be used to buy stamps or potions.

The symbol for coins is three gold coins with no design on them (except for the raised edges) stacked up on top of each other.

When breeding two frogs, you will earn an amount of XP equivalent to the amount of coins it costs to breed the two frogs (example: if it costs 37 coins to breed two frogs, you earn 37 XP every time you breed).

Pocket Frogs Coin Value Database - Android v3.X