Tree Hug Award

Cocos Folium frogs

Cocos is a brown base color. It is lighter than the pattern colors Bruna and Cafea.

Cocos frogs are required for several awards:

  1. Muddy Buddies: all 8 frogs must be Cocos Cafea Crustalli
  2. Brownies: all 3 frogs must be Cocos Cafea: one each in the Marmorea, Velatus, and Bovis patterns
  3. Tree Hugs: all 3 frogs must be Cocos Folium: one each in the Anura, Nasus, and Clunicula patterns
  4. Rattlefrogs: all 8 frogs must be Cocos Ceres Serpentis
  5. Endangered 4: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Cocos Folium Insero

Cocos Cafea and Cocos Folium are popular awards combinations.

Weekly Sets

Green Garland: Cocos Cafea Pulvillus x3

Thanksgiving 2013: Cocos Ceres Pluma x2

Firefighters: Cocos Aurum Igneous x2

FroYo: Cocos Albeo Coclearis x2

Temple Run: Cocos Aurum Templum, Cocos Aurum Pyramis x2, Cocos Callaina Pyramis

Indian Corn: Cocos Carota Serpentis x2

Veterans Day: Cocos Ceres Velatus x2

Fall Sweaters: Cocos Albeo Floresco x2

Play Ball: Cocos Albeo Adamantis

Hot Dogs: Cocos Ceres Insero

June Bugs: Cocos Carota Obaro x2

Tribal Council: Cocos Albeo Ludo, Cocos Aurum Ocularis, Cocos Albeo Spinae

Ice Cream Sundae: Cocos Cafea Persona

Earth, Fire, Water, Air: Cocos Folium Arbor

Smore: Cocos Cafea Bovis x2

Avacado & Pit: Cocos Ceres Anura

Cigars & Greenbacks: Cocos Aurum Ocularis x4

Mud Skippers: Cocos Bruna Dextera x2, Cocos Cafea Dextera x2

Pumpkin, Pies & Foliage: Cocos Aurum Ornatus