Golden Cafea

Golden Cafea frogs

Cafea is a dark brown pattern or secondary color for frogs. "Cafea" is a rare non-Latin-based color name, it comes from the Spanish café meaning "coffee" or "brown." The Cafea color is a darker brown than both the Cocos base color and the Bruna pattern color.

Cafea frogs are required for only two awards:

  1. Muddy Buddies: all 8 frogs must be Cocos Cafea Crustalli
  2. Brownies: all 3 frogs must be Cocos Cafea: one each in the Marmorea,Velatus, and Bovis patterns

Both awards pair Cafea with the Cocos base color.

Weekly Sets

Green Garland: 3x Cocos Cafea Pulvillus

Lights in the Tree: 2x Olive Cafea Arbor

Ice Cream Sundae: White Cafea Persona, Cocos Cafea Persona, Pink Cafea Persona

Deep Freeze: 2x White Cafea Arbor

Smore: Cocos Cafea Bovis x2

Apple Halves: White Cafea Floresco x2

Mud Skippers: Beige Cafea Dextera x2, Cocos Cafea Dextera x2

Deep Freeze: White Cafea Arbor x2