There are a number of instances where the possible offspring of two parent frogs include some unexpected results, or breeding anomalies. They will either create a new base color (such as the Glass base color) or pattern color (the Chroma pattern color), or even both from the same parents, or may simply have fewer possible offspring. In this case the missing breeds do exist, however they cannot be born via certain parent combinations. Therefore, when you breed some frogs, the number of possible offspring will be seven, not eight, or three rather than four.

Users have hypothesized that the combinations with missing offspring will yield a new "mutation" color (similar to Glass or Chroma) which may be introduced in a future update.

The following are some of the parent pairings which have fewer possible offspring:

Parent 1 Parent 2 Unavailable Offspring
Aqua Tingo Marmorea Royal Cafea Marmorea Aqua Cafea Marmorea
Royal Cafea Puncti Black Floris Puncti Royal Floris Puncti
Royal Viola Veru Orange Chroma Magus Orange Viola Magus
Olive Folium Serpentis Golden Chroma Floresco Olive Folium Serpentis
Tangelo Viola Anura Green Chroma Anura Green Viola Anura
Tangelo Floris Anura Glass Chroma Lanterna Glass Floris Anura
Red Viola Anura Glass Chroma Insero Glass Viola Anura
Emerald Albeo Anura Glass Chroma Zebrae Emerald Albeo Zebrae
Violet Floris Anura Glass Chroma Africanus Violet Floris Anura
White Picea Anura Glass Chroma Crustalli White Picea Anura
White Tingo Roboris Glass Chroma Pingo White Tingo Roboris
Marine Callaina Anura Glass Chroma Zebrae Marine Callaina Anura
Red Carota Signum Glass Chroma Anura Red Chroma Anura
Blue Callaina Serpentis Glass Chroma Veru Glass Callaina Veru
White Floris Anura Glass Chroma Calvaria White Chroma Anura
Violet Chroma Magus Glass Chroma Calvaria Violet Chroma Magus
Yellow Albeo Stellata Glass Chroma Ocularis Yellow Albeo Ocularis
White Bruna Anura Glass Chroma Ocularis White Chroma Ocularis
Violet Picea Bovis Green Chroma Puncti Green Picea Bovis
Violet Floris Marmorea Glass Chroma Marmorea Violet Floris Marmorea
Green Pruni Clunicula Glass Chroma Stellata Green Chroma Clunicula
White Tingo Clunicula Glass Chroma Corona White Tingo Corona
Black Muscus Adamantis Glass Chroma Anura Black Chroma Adamantis
Black Floris Anura Glass Chroma Adamantis Black Floris Adamantis
Tangelo Picea Anura Glass Chroma Geminus Tangelo Chroma Anura
Emerald Albeo Anura Glass Chroma Gyrus Emerald Chroma Gyrus
Orange Aurum Anura Glass Chroma Gyrus Orange Chroma Gyrus
Violet Floris Anura Glass Chroma Gyrus Violet Floris Gyrus
Pink Cafea Anura Glass Chroma Obaro Pink Chroma Obaro
Olive Cafea Anura Glass Chroma Corona Olive Cafea Corona
Beige Albeo Anura Glass Albeo Ludo Beige Albeo Anura
Lime Picea Trivium Pink Albeo Bulbus Lime Picea Bulbus
Pink Picea Crustalli Glass Chroma Anura Glass Picea Anura
Marine Caelus Magus Black Chroma Anura Marine Caelus Magus
IMG 0100

Royal Viola Veru Orange Chroma Magus(no Orange Viola Magus)

Pf Impossible Offspring Grren Viola Anura

Orange Viola Magus Green Chroma Anura (no Green Viola Anura)

Breeding an Azure Cafea Puncti and a White Chroma Puncti will not yield an Azure Chroma Puncti, instead it creates a Glass Chroma Puncti.

Breeding a Beige Ceres Puncti and a Royal Folium Puncti will not yield a Royal Ceres Puncti, instead it creates a Glass Ceres Puncti.

Breeding a Black Chroma Anura and a Black Caelus Glacio will not yield a Black Caelus Glacio, instead it creates a Glass Caelus Glacio.

Breading a Lime Tingo Anura with a White Albeo Anura will not yield a Lime Tingo Anura, instead it creates a Glass Tingo Anura.

Breeding a Aqua Carota Lucus with a Pink Albeo Ligo will not yield a Aqua Albeo Ligo, instead it creates a Glass Albeo Ligo.

Breeding a Purple Viola Nimbillis and an Orange Pruni Nimbillis will not yield a Orange Viola Nimbillis, instead it creates a Glass Viola Nimbillis.