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Gunby Gunby 28 days ago

Looking for Bulla, Persona and Trivium

Dear All,

I’m looking for Bulla, Persona and Trivium. In return I could offer any of the following completed sets: Spyrograph, Red Velvet, Ladybirds, Peppermint Hop, Grazing, Galaxies, Sunflower Garden, Forest Friends Currently working on: Froglandia, Green Garland, Sticks and Stones, Fire Nation Attack, Checkers and Pot of Gold

My code is 30X5G

Happy to trade. Thanks 😊

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Chatot04 Chatot04 4 September 2020

POP frogs available

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TheLovelyDovely TheLovelyDovely 24 August 2020

Hello? Is Anyone Here?

I'm quite into Pocket Frogs at this point... and I just recently came across this wiki... but how many people are on here?

A little thing about me: I've played this game pretty much since I was in preschool, maybe even before that, I'm quite the veteran tee hee.

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RanaRegina RanaRegina 22 May 2020

I posted a set suggestion to Discord

I titled it "Aperture Science" because I'm a big fan of the Portal franchise (Is it still a franchise if Valve can only count to 2?) and there were so many frog patterns that were perfect to represent elements in the game.

Aperture Logo: Black Albeo Foramen

Atlas: White Caelus Orbis

P-Body White Carota Skeletos

Blue Portal: White Caelus Lunaris

Orange Portal: White Carota Lunaris

Splatter of Repulsion Gel: White Caelus Spargo

Splatter of Propulsion Gel: White Carota Spargo

Splatter of Conversion Gel: Black Albeo Spargo

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Frog antoine Frog antoine 15 September 2019

My code to donated

Donnate frog pliz I will take care of it my code is 1RT72

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AzureDiamond51 AzureDiamond51 30 October 2018

AzureDiamond51's Frog Trading

Hello everyone! I have my game of Pocket Frogs set up where I can easily breed any colour combination of any breed that I've unlocked so far, so I'd be more than happy to help out anyone who's looking for a a specific from ranging from Anura to Infinitas. If you're interested, feel free to comment, and I'm sure we can work out a simple 'trade'. Below I've included screenshots of my tanks of frogs specifically for breeding. Friend code: 1PZ9

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Shrek Yo God Shrek Yo God 14 March 2018

I Need Help With These Here Habitats

How do you level up your habatats to store more frogs. 

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Maayah Maayah 6 November 2017

New comer


I'd like to thank the Pocket Frogs Wiki for all the help for my previous and current game. I used to come often when I was on Mobage. I'm back since a few days when I saw Nimblebit finally re-released it.

Working hard on taking back my collection to its previous glory. Just reached lv8.

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Geoforce Geoforce 12 September 2014

Repeating requests?

Just started PF and only to level 12 now on Android over a VERY-SLOW ADSL hookup. Have completed all the 2000 exp. awards and a few of the 4000 exp. ones

After completing several of the requests, mainly get potions and stamps as I don't do the real cash buying thing, I notice that several of the requests have repeated.  So far, I have had 3 of them repeat.  Seems to me that you could have the 'Requested' frogs already saved if there is a limited number of them and then go for a rapid turn around rather than having to rebreed them up again.

As an example, if I kept a 'White Tingo Amfractus'  (one that has repeated) then I could rapidly breed (or pop out of my catalog) a 'White Tingo Anura' and guarantee that I could get a duplicate Amfractus …

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StarMagnolia StarMagnolia 28 August 2014

My Anomalies

These are all the anomalies of breeding I have collected. They may be subject to change, but if they don't work please let me know because all of them were tested to rear the given offspring. Chances to obtain the given anomalies are not listed. Happy breeding!

Golden Picea Lucus + White Caelus Spinae = White Chroma Lucus

Blue Callina Serpentis + White Caelus Spinae = Blue Chroma Serpentis

Black Chroma Ornatus + Golden Picea Lucus = Glass Chroma Lucus

Black Albeo Stellata + Emerald Caelus Ligo = Glass Caelus Ligo

Violet Tingo Nimbilis + Black Albeo Stellata = Black Chroma Nimbilis

Azure Viola Clunicula + Black Chroma Ornatus = Glass Viola Clunicula

This anomaly can also be obtained with:Green Tingo Corona + Azure Viola Clunicula

Emerald Albeo Bull…

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TMino TMino 26 July 2014


Hello, Im new here my mobage name is TMino im a noob so if u wanna help u can send me legendary or something haha. Im 14 years old yeah im from holland.

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Lauren20037911 Lauren20037911 17 March 2014

Frog Requests

Hi guys! My name is Lauren and I'm a level 12 Pocket Frog player and I am open to requests! No trade needed. If you would like a certain breed of frog please notify me in the comments and I will try my hardest to get it to you quickly.

Please note: I will not do specific colors but I will do specific breeds of frogs. If they are not delivered to you within a 48 hour time period please notify me again.

In the comments let me know: Gamecenter username, frog breed

I do not do frog requests for Android version. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Koolchic44 Koolchic44 8 February 2014

Frogs For Trade

My name is koolchic44 and I have some frogs to giveaway and some to trade. Check it out and leave your info below if interested.

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MyNameIsKimmie88 MyNameIsKimmie88 29 December 2013

iTrade: A Blooming System

Do you have any unwanted anuras, crustalli, or any other frog you certainly know you don't need? But what about that glass fortuno you're saving space for. Well, good news. iTrade is here to save the day! And maybe get you that fortuno :O

iTrade is a simple system my friends and I came up with a while ago. A simple circut of wanting, explaining a short message about, then finally exchanging frogs. Ever see a commercial going: "FREE CASH FOR GOLD NOW!" Well that's exactly how iTrade works, except we're not going to bug you for your gold 24/7. Just frogs.  So go ahead, tell us. We're happy to exchange the junkiest frogs you've got.

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MyNameIsKimmie88 MyNameIsKimmie88 16 December 2013

Taking Level 8 & Under Requests


Leave your requests for iTrade here!

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Nadiaburnett00 Nadiaburnett00 30 November 2013

Chroma frogs for trade

Hi my gamecenter name is nadiaburnett00 and I have chroma and glass frogs for trade :) I am willing to trade for just about any high level frog. I am level 20 so any level higher than that would be great. Otherwise if you need to go lower I think I can compromise for that. Just comment below what exactly you want that I have listed below or I can send you just random ones. Please note that you must friend me first so I can send it to you.

I have: Aqua chroma flecto

Glass chroma flecto

Glass chroma mixtus

Glass chroma zebrae

Glass chroma gyrus

Glass chroma sol

Glass chroma veru

Glass chroma spinae

Glass chroma partiri

Glass chroma crustalli

Glass chroma marmorea

Glass chroma ligo

Glass chroma puncti

Glass chroma africanus

Glass chroma templum

Glass chroma pa…

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Miraclerifle Miraclerifle 6 October 2013

Froggydex vs Catalog

What would you recommend to catalog? If every frog that we ever come across is in the froggydex is there a need for the catalog? Is it just for the special frogs you want quick access to?

Just want to hear some thoughts on how you use the catalog. I was using it to be able to make any combinations available to me at any time, but it seems I can do the same through the froggydex.

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Cam0620 Cam0620 1 September 2013


You may have seen me do alot of editing its because i am helping the wiki by editing out bad stuff

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Megglezx Megglezx 5 August 2013

First Blog Post

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and join the PocketFrogs fanclub =P Friend me in the Game Center! Username: 'Megglezx' Thanx!


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CheckItGee5454 KM CheckItGee5454 KM 13 July 2013

Earn XP, coins, and Froggydex data easily!

A little tactic I discovered! Note: Words, phrases, or tips in parenthesis are optional.

  1. Clear up some space in your nursery.
  2. (Choose a specific breed to add to your data in Froggydex.)
  3. Take that (specific) frog to the pond.
  4. (Eat the big flies, they give 10 XP.)
  5. If you find a wild frog (of the same breed), breed with them!
  6. (Do this with another frog (of the same breed).)
  7. When the egg(s both) hatch, repeat tips 3(, 4,) and 5.
  8. Sell them after making them adults and 100% happy.


Say "CHECKITGEE" 5454 times!!! Touhou, anyone? posted on.... 13:34, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

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HolyEthan HolyEthan 22 May 2013


Hello all, I am Ethan. I am new to this wiki. I love Pocket Frogs, so I have decided to make an account here. Feel free to leave some feedback. Because I have frogs to give away.

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FroggyDex in MS Excel

I have databased my FroggyDex(6000+ frogs) in Excel.  I have set up a "racing" sheet which finds the greatest racer (speed + stamina) and list them on my racing page.  Please see below to see visually.  I am more than willing to email my Excel document to anyone (email david.arrant@gmail.com).  I would really like to get a copy of someone else's database, so as to double check my values.  I haven't double checked my values, so I don't guarantee squat.  :)  

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*Baer* *Baer* 25 February 2013


Right now I am working on building a complete froggydex. I found a very organized and cost effective way to do it while also working on achievements. I started by going to the pond with my Anuras and I bred every different color I could find. Some of the colors I had to get by cross breeding. Eventually I came up with my breeding team. I have one of each base color and one of each pattern color. So, if I have just one frog of another breed I can have any one of them that I want. Also, if I keep breeding the Anuras that I have already together, I will have obtained all of the Anuras I need for the froggydex and 100% of one breed achievement. I make sure to check the achievements and keep out the frogs that are needed as I go and then I sell…

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*Baer* *Baer* 25 February 2013

New to Pocket Frogs

Awhile ago my nephew was asking me to download new games on my iPhone. One of them was pocket frogs. I continued to play off and on and put it down for a while as I got busier with my career building. Now, I have picked it back up because I am pregnant and on complete bed rest due to complications. But the baby and I are doing fine. My savior for my sanity has been this game as it keeps me occupied and so does this wiki. Now I have an iPad that I can use to also do some wiki things. Thank God!

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Alebaba52 Alebaba52 1 February 2013

Collecting all of One Breed: Anura

The Anura is the most common and basic frog on Pocket Frogs. It is also the easiest set to complete and therefore gaining you more XP(4,000 if you complete all of one set) so that you are closer to leveling up.

If you are interested in completeing your Anura set (all 368) of them. Let me know! I have completed the set and am willing to help anyone else in return!

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Pisaure Pisaure 14 November 2012

8000 frogs!

lvl26 and 8000 frogs in the Froggydex :)

lvl4 frogs are 27% to 39% completed

lvl6 frogs are 66% to 73% completed

lvl 14 Pingo : 85,6% ; Biplex : 86,7%

I have 23 of the new breeds (30 possibilitis at level 26).

I'm looking for Papilio, Pluma, Lotus, Skeletos, Planeta, Palma and Infinitas frogs.

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Ab2600 Ab2600 12 November 2012

Currently breeding: Velatus + L3 frogs

I'm currently breeding Velatus + all L3 frogs:

  • Velatus
  • Clunicula
  • Marmorea
  • Puncti
  • Tribus
  • Lanterna
  • Glacio

If you need any of these in any color, let me know; I'll be happy to send them to you!

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Pisaure Pisaure 2 November 2012

First post

lvl 26

7469 frogs in the Dex

100% Anura, Crustalli, Velatus, Clunicula, Marmorea, Puncti, Tribus, Lanterna and Glacio

Working on :

- lvl6 frogs (Mixtus, Calyx, Viduo and Dextera, 60% completed)

- lvl14 frogs (Pingo and Biplex, 80% completed)

- lvl13 frog (Insero, 84% completed)

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Un4gettable27 Un4gettable27 19 September 2012

My New Wikia Life

Hi every one! I'm Un4gettable27, but you can just call me Un4gettable, or just plain U4G27. Which ever one suits you. So, I'm now a member, because I was known around here as an anon called Un4gettable, but now I have returned, and now as a full member!

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Toadetterocks Toadetterocks 19 September 2012

Glass and Chroma Pages

Since I dont know where to put this, i am making it a blog. The Glass and Chroma pages could use some editing on the tables, making them by level. I am willing to do that, but I also want to test all of the combinations before we edit the tables. I am going to need help with testing all of the combinations. Does anyone want to help? If you tested one and cant comment here, just leave me a message on my talk page. Oh and admins, is it ok to rearrange the tables?

Toadette I am currently obsessed with PocketFrogs Talk to me! 19:58, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

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TemplarionPaul TemplarionPaul 17 August 2012

Personal Creations

This seemed like a good place to track my personal discoveries, as well as posting them to the glass and chrome pages

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Pikachuiscoolio Pikachuiscoolio 11 July 2012



I know a way YOU can get your very own chroma frog! I hope you share this idea with everyone, so we can make this frog FAMOUS! What you do is get one white albeo crustalli and one aqua callina crustalli, breed em', and you'll get an aqua chroma crustalli! Spread the word to everyone! Thanks! ( this is my first post so, I hope you liked it! ) Add me on pocket frogs! My gamer name on pocket frogs is pikachuiscoolio. Add me for a lime tingo anura, a frog that looks like a pikachu! Spread the word and most of all, HAPPY FROGGING!

- pikachuiscoolio

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Serenashi0827 Serenashi0827 30 June 2012

Free Pruni Mixtus' and Caelus Mixtus'

  • 1 Free Pruni Mixtus' and Caelus Mixtus'
  • 2 Hello! I have some Pruni Mixtus' and Caelus Mixtus' to give away for free. But I have to give you a random color. Just give me your plus ID. *Pick either a Pruni Mixtus or a Caelus Mixtus*
  • 4 P.S. Please do not type anything other than your plus ID on here. Thanks.


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Jump3000 Jump3000 19 June 2012

8x Tangelo Aurum Lanterna to GIVE AWAY

Just got the achievement 67 - Frog-o-lanterns

They were given to me by another user, so I thought I'd have a giveaway of 4 pairs. that way, each receiver can breed the other 6 with no trouble.

Leave a comment if you would like a pair.

UPDATE 1: 2 gifted to Plus+ user shaminstar on 26/06/12

UPDATE 2: 2 gifted to Plus+ user RedSky58

UPDATE 3: 2 gifted to Plus+ user serenashi0827 on 05/07/12

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Junemoon11 Junemoon11 15 June 2012

Free Chroma's

I'm now giving away free chroma's!

I'm trying to only (Or mostly) focus on breeding them, so just request one and it'll be done asap!

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Jump3000 Jump3000 13 June 2012

FREE BLACK AURUM CESTI! x4 to giveaway :)

Hey everyone!

I just got the award this morning for "54. Asphalt Camouflage" requiring 8 Black Aurum Cesti. I sold off 4 of them which has more than paid back the cost of breeding them, but instead of selling the rest I was wondering if anyone wanted them?

Leave a comment with your GamerID and whether you would like 1 or 2, and I will add them and gift them to you

I will update when they are gone.


Update 1 - 2 gifted to BlueWater27. Only 2 left! get in quick!

Update 2 - 2 gifted to ej12hero BUT 2 more bred since. Still 2 left :)

Update 3 - 2 gifted to emm999. All gone. Thanks guys :)

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Cyndassprites Cyndassprites 19 May 2012

My hunt for all the Ludos!

Well I just successfully breeded all of the black Ludos which makes my Ludo collection 11.41% complete. Because of this I'm nearly level 7, and I'm profiting (but not too much) off it. Which is good, because I need the coins.

Update: Nearly level 16, thought I'd come back to collecting all the Ludos. Also have all Royal Anuras now. Collecting is fun..

Complete collections are in bold.

  • Maroon Ludo - 0.00%
  • Red Ludo - 12.50%
  • Tangelo Ludo - 0.00%
  • Orange Ludo - 0.00%
  • Golden Ludo - 12.50%
  • Yellow Ludo - 0.00%
  • Lime Ludo - 0.00%
  • Green Ludo - 18.75%
  • Emerald Ludo - 0.00%
  • Olive Ludo - 6.25%
  • Marine Ludo - 18.75%
  • Aqua Ludo - 100%
  • Azure Ludo - 12.50%
  • Blue Ludo - 0.00%
  • Purple Ludo - 12.50%
  • Royal Ludo - 100%
  • Pink Ludo - 0.00%
  • Violet Ludo - 0.00%
  • White Ludo - 18.75%
  • Beige Ludo - …
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Tatzelwyrm Tatzelwyrm 7 April 2012

Inactive Tag

Someone happened to post up some coding to insert a tag onto user pages today, thought it would come in handy (especially in helping to tell whether administration is around or not).

I've installed it here and what it does is place a tag on a user's page if they have not edited within the last 3 months. Might be able to edit that, but I think 3 months is good for now, since this wiki is slow and peaceful fo the most part. To see it in action, you can check the founder's page.

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Kirito24 Kirito24 23 February 2012

Wiki Plans

This is where we are gonna discuss wiki plans. Users can also leave suggestions for the wiki here. Since people have different time zones it is hard to be in chat at the same time. So we are just gonna use this blog.

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Tatzelwyrm Tatzelwyrm 15 February 2012

Logo WIP

Threw together a logo based on one Kululu linked yesterday, but with some improvements.

The full-size one looks like this (did scale it down a little for embedding, original size is 789x107):

The wiki's watermark can only be 250x65 though, so the smaller version, being 250x33 in size looks like:

Moving it around a little gives this (535x151):

And the watermark is 229x65:

Comments, suggestions?

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Tatzelwyrm Tatzelwyrm 14 February 2012

Image Flood

If you noticed me flooding the wiki with new images, sorry! I am in the process of uploading all of the various images from the game's files. Whether they all get used or not doesn't really matter, I just think they're nice to have, at least (: I do actually have plans to work in some of the images I haven't uploaded yet, like the rendered scenery images.

When I get a chance later, I will also use this blog as a directory of sorts for the images.

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Kirito24 Kirito24 4 December 2011

Legendary frogs

Can anyone send me a legendary frog, any? I know I can't do much with it but I still want one. I can't realy offer much since I am only Level 11. My plus+ ID is zero3167

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Chiltg Chiltg 8 September 2011

I need a Bulbus please

Can any one help me by sending me a Bulbus please?

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Fallingdown0 Fallingdown0 14 February 2011

new breeds in update

there should be new patterns in the new update. post ideas here on lanthimus' blog.



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Chevo2398 Chevo2398 8 February 2011

Need a Lanterna

can somebody send me a Lanterna

Username is chevo2398

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Trishy24 Trishy24 8 February 2011

will trade

Will trade a glass chroma magus for any color lanterna or glacio user name ipod+id trishy24

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Trishy24 Trishy24 6 February 2011

In need of tribus, lanterna and a glacio

Can anyone help me I need a tribus, glacio and lanterna of any kind. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you


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Clairewright Clairewright 3 February 2011

Lantern frog

Can someone please send me a lantern frog of any sort I am level 16 and will sent you anything in return

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Redvsbluefan100 Redvsbluefan100 24 January 2011

Customized frogs anyone!?

Recently, I have seen cool looking unique customized frogs floating around on the internet. Does anyone have any and is willing to trade? I am a lvl 20, have all species plus all of the special frogs (Ludo, Lanterna, Glacia, Tribus, chroma frogs ect.) and will be more than willing to trade for customized froggies :) my plus id - mybetlog

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Xpotential Xpotential 17 January 2011

Pay attention to your Froggydex

The most valuable tip that I can give you is to pay attention to your Froggydex. With the help of your Froggydex, it is possible to identify an egg before it hatches.

As soon as an egg is layed, your Froggydex knows what breed of frog the egg will become and will update accordingly.

Let's say that you want to breed a Maroon Tingo Anura.

  1. Maroon Tingo Anura is currently blank in your Froggydex
  1. Breed the correct colors/breeds to get a Maroon Tingo Anura. Breed as many frogs as you can afford or as many frogs as will fit in your Nursery to give you the best chances to get your desired frog.
  1. Check your Froggydex to see if the information for Maroon Tingo Anura gets filled in
  1. As soon as you see the Max Value and Speed/Stamina information, you know th…
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